Every conversation with me inevitably turns into a ‘Six Degrees Of’ game. Just ask me who starred in Dracula (1931) and I’ll answer: Bela Lugosi, of course. Also, Edward Van Sloan was in that movie and he was the guy who opens Frankenstein with a warning about its shocking content. Who played the Monster in Frankenstein? Boris Karloff, who also starred alongside Edward Van Sloan in The Mummy, which was practically a remake of Dracula and was directed by Karl Freund, the cinematographer on Dracula, both of which featured the lovingly quirky character actor Dwight Frye. See how my brain works? Everyone who is forced to deal with me on a daily basis, after rolling their eyes, tells me I should start a blog or a podcast so I can get that information out of my system and on to the masses before I feel compelled to impart it on them instead. So, here we are, Immortal Classics has risen from the foul cavernous crypts of Pittsburgh to spread its infectious undead disease upon the Earth.

Oh, and about that podcast: Coming Soon! As well as disturbing original photo and video content for the sick pleasure of all you bored office whackadoodles caught stapling yourselves to pass the time.